The Cycle Frontier Loot

Info The best items to loot for K-Marks

Alpha Crusher Skull 518985K-Marks 30Weight 17300
Progenitor Slag 77848K-Marks 12Weight 6487
Alpha Crusher Heart 129746K-Marks 20Weight 6487
Savage Marauder Head 116772K-Marks 20Weight 5838
Heavy Strider Head 52547K-Marks 10Weight 5254
Polirium Crystal 38924K-Marks 8Weight 4866
NiC Oil Cannister 20183K-Marks 5Weight 4037
Letium Clot 11533K-Marks 3Weight 3844
Mature Rattler Head 52547K-Marks 15Weight 3503
Crusher Head 97310K-Marks 30Weight 3243
Marauder Head 38924K-Marks 20Weight 1946
Super Charged Tharis Iron Ingot 12975K-Marks 9Weight 1441
Abyss Alloy 12975K-Marks 10Weight 1298
Crusher Hide 11533K-Marks 10Weight 1153
Savage Marauder Flesh 11533K-Marks 10Weight 1152
Rattler Head 15570K-Marks 15Weight 1034
Mature Rattler Eyes 5126K-Marks 5Weight 1025
Charged Tharis Iron Ingot 8650K-Marks 9Weight 961
Master Unit CPU 3845K-Marks 5Weight 769
Pure Tharis Iron 2307K-Marks 3Weight 769
Pure Focus Crystal 2883K-Marks 4Weight 721
Crusher Flesh 17300K-Marks 25Weight 692
Unique Data Drive 10252K-Marks 15Weight 683
Strider Head 6812K-Marks 10Weight 681
Veltecite Heart 6487K-Marks 10Weight 648
Autoloader 3845K-Marks 6Weight 641
Gyroscope 2563K-Marks 4Weight 641
Heavy Strider Flesh 5126K-Marks 8Weight 641
Pure Veltecite 1922K-Marks 3Weight 641
Teratomorphic Crystal Core 1709K-Marks 3Weight 570
Print Resin 1709K-Marks 3Weight 570
Marauder Flesh 5126K-Marks 10Weight 513
Jewellery 1013K-Marks 2Weight 507
Nutritional Bar 506K-Marks 1Weight 506
Toxic Glands 900K-Marks 2Weight 450
Tharis Iron Ingot 3845K-Marks 9Weight 427
Pale Ivy Blossom 427K-Marks 1Weight 427
Valuable Data Drive 6075K-Marks 15Weight 405
Dustbloom 769K-Marks 2Weight 385
Biological Sampler 1139K-Marks 3Weight 380
Hardened Bone Plates 3417K-Marks 9Weight 380
Spine Briar 2563K-Marks 7Weight 366
Blue Runner Egg 2531K-Marks 7Weight 362
Derelict Explosives 1709K-Marks 5Weight 342
Shard Slicer 1709K-Marks 5Weight 342
Tharis Iron 1025K-Marks 3Weight 341
Meteor Core 7594K-Marks 25Weight 304
Rattler Eyes 1519K-Marks 5Weight 304
Clear Veltecite 854K-Marks 3Weight 285
Interactive Screen 1709K-Marks 6Weight 285
Titan Ore 854K-Marks 3Weight 285
Portable Lab 3845K-Marks 15Weight 256
Glowy Brightcap Mushroom 506K-Marks 2Weight 253
Focus Crystal 961K-Marks 4Weight 240
Co-TEC MultiTool 1139K-Marks 5Weight 228
Meteor Fragment 1013K-Marks 5Weight 203
Miniature Reactor 2025K-Marks 10Weight 203
Progenitor Composite 760K-Marks 4Weight 190
Brittle Titan Ore 570K-Marks 3Weight 190
Cloudy Veltecite 570K-Marks 3Weight 190
Smart Mesh 1709K-Marks 10Weight 171
Altered Nickel 338K-Marks 2Weight 169
Rare Data Drive 2531K-Marks 15Weight 169
Resin Gun 759K-Marks 5Weight 152
Charged Spinal Base 450K-Marks 3Weight 150
Old Medicine 150K-Marks 1Weight 150
Indigenous Fruit 759K-Marks 6Weight 127
Shock Absorber 759K-Marks 6Weight 127
Waterweed Filament 228K-Marks 2Weight 114
Zero Systems CPU 506K-Marks 5Weight 101
Spinal Base 300K-Marks 3Weight 100
Brightcap Mushroom 169K-Marks 2Weight 85
Optic Glass 338K-Marks 4Weight 85
Rattler Skin 675K-Marks 8Weight 84
Strider Flesh 675K-Marks 8Weight 84
Medical Supplies 759K-Marks 10Weight 76
Nickel 150K-Marks 2Weight 75
Ball Bearings 338K-Marks 5Weight 68
Hydraulic Piston 338K-Marks 5Weight 68
Salvaged Insulation 338K-Marks 5Weight 68
Textiles 338K-Marks 5Weight 68
Uncommon Data Drive 1013K-Marks 15Weight 68
Magnetic Field Stabilizer 338K-Marks 6Weight 56
Aluminum Scrap 506K-Marks 10Weight 51
Sample Container 506K-Marks 10Weight 51
Flawed Veltecite 150K-Marks 3Weight 50
Fusion Cartridge Batteries 150K-Marks 3Weight 50
Polymetallic Prefabricate 150K-Marks 3Weight 50
Circuit Board 338K-Marks 7Weight 48
Magic-GROW Fertilizer 338K-Marks 7Weight 48
Radio Equipment 338K-Marks 7Weight 48
Hardened Metals 150K-Marks 4Weight 38
Compound Sheets 150K-Marks 5Weight 30
Metallic Alloys 150K-Marks 5Weight 30
Electronic Cables 150K-Marks 6Weight 25
Azure Tree Bark 150K-Marks 7Weight 21
Copper Wire 150K-Marks 8Weight 19
ICA Scrip 10K-Marks 0Weight 10
Korolev Scrip 10K-Marks 0Weight 10
Osiris Scrip 10K-Marks 0Weight 10
Common Data Drive 34K-Marks 15Weight 2
Old Currency 1K-Marks 0Weight 1

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