The Cycle Frontier Campaign Items

Info All the items required for the factions main missions
You can switch between simple and advanced view K-Marks

K-Marks Switch to mission order  New  Switch to advanced viewK-Marks
1x 2x 7x
1x 5x 2x 16x 2x
1x 9x 1x 16x
6x 14x 2x 3x
5x 1x 11x 10x 8x 1x
5x 3x
2x 8x 5x 4x 8x 1x
2x 5x 3x 3x
6x 5x 3x 5x
6x 3x 20x 11x 3x
10x 5x 15x 7x 5x
8x 13x
15x 5x 3x 9x
1x 1x 1x 3x 2x 2x
20x 8K x 35K x
8x 18x 3x 32x 2x 13x
10x 15x 10x 29x 5x
6x 16x 5x 20x
3x 35x 19x 1x
18x 5x 38x 3x 10x
10x 1x
5x 10x 5x 17x
39x 10x
3x 13x 2x 15x
5x 1x 5x
40x 3x 10x 3x 33x
3x 5x 12x 16x
1x 45x 2x
15x 10x 20x
5x 5x
16x 8x
5x 4x
3x 55x
13x 12x
43x 16x
10x 6x 28x
4x 1x
3x 5x
3x 3x
5x 10x 5x 15x 5x
5x 5x 6x 5x 2x
5x 1x

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