The Cycle Frontier Loot

Info The best items to loot for Faction Rep

Alpha Crusher Skull 5190Faction Points 30Weight 173
Alpha Crusher Heart 1297Faction Points 20Weight 64.9
Progenitor Slag 778Faction Points 12Weight 64.8
Savage Marauder Head 1168Faction Points 20Weight 58.4
Heavy Strider Head 525Faction Points 10Weight 52.5
Polirium Crystal 389Faction Points 8Weight 48.6
NiC Oil Cannister 202Faction Points 5Weight 40.4
Letium Clot 115Faction Points 3Weight 38.3
Mature Rattler Head 525Faction Points 15Weight 35
Crusher Head 973Faction Points 30Weight 32
Marauder Head 389Faction Points 20Weight 19.4
Super Charged Tharis Iron Ingot 130Faction Points 8Weight 16.3
Abyss Alloy 130Faction Points 10Weight 13
Crusher Hide 115Faction Points 10Weight 11.5
Savage Marauder Flesh 115Faction Points 10Weight 11.5
Charged Tharis Iron Ingot 87Faction Points 8Weight 10.9
Rattler Head 156Faction Points 15Weight 10.4
Mature Rattler Eyes 51Faction Points 5Weight 10.2
Master Unit CPU 38Faction Points 5Weight 7.6
Pure Tharis Iron 23Faction Points 3Weight 7.6
Pure Focus Crystal 29Faction Points 4Weight 7.3
Crusher Flesh 173Faction Points 25Weight 6.9
Strider Head 68Faction Points 10Weight 6.8
Veltecite Heart 65Faction Points 10Weight 6.5
Gyroscope 26Faction Points 4Weight 6.5
Heavy Strider Flesh 51Faction Points 8Weight 6.4
Autoloader 38Faction Points 6Weight 6.3
Pure Veltecite 19Faction Points 3Weight 6.3
Teratomorphic Crystal Core 17Faction Points 3Weight 5.7
Print Resin 17Faction Points 3Weight 5.7
Marauder Flesh 51Faction Points 10Weight 5.1
Jewellery 10Faction Points 2Weight 5
Nutritional Bar 5Faction Points 1Weight 5
Tharis Iron Ingot 38Faction Points 8Weight 4.8
Toxic Glands 9Faction Points 2Weight 4.5
Dustbloom 8Faction Points 2Weight 4
Pale Ivy Blossom 4Faction Points 1Weight 4
Hardened Bone Plates 34Faction Points 9Weight 3.8
Spine Briar 26Faction Points 7Weight 3.7
Biological Sampler 11Faction Points 3Weight 3.7
Blue Runner Egg 25Faction Points 7Weight 3.6
Derelict Explosives 17Faction Points 5Weight 3.4
Shard Slicer 17Faction Points 5Weight 3.4
Tharis Iron 10Faction Points 3Weight 3.3
Clear Veltecite 9Faction Points 3Weight 3
Meteor Core 76Faction Points 25Weight 3
Rattler Eyes 15Faction Points 5Weight 3
Titan Ore 9Faction Points 3Weight 3
Interactive Screen 17Faction Points 6Weight 2.8
Focus Crystal 10Faction Points 4Weight 2.5
Glowy Brightcap Mushroom 5Faction Points 2Weight 2.5
Portable Lab 38Faction Points 15Weight 2.5
Co-TEC MultiTool 11Faction Points 5Weight 2.2
Progenitor Composite 8Faction Points 4Weight 2
Brittle Titan Ore 6Faction Points 3Weight 2
Cloudy Veltecite 6Faction Points 3Weight 2
Meteor Fragment 10Faction Points 5Weight 2
Miniature Reactor 20Faction Points 10Weight 2
Old Medicine 2Faction Points 1Weight 2
Charged Spinal Base 5Faction Points 3Weight 1.7
Smart Mesh 17Faction Points 10Weight 1.7
Resin Gun 8Faction Points 5Weight 1.6
Altered Nickel 3Faction Points 2Weight 1.5
Indigenous Fruit 8Faction Points 6Weight 1.3
Shock Absorber 8Faction Points 6Weight 1.3
Brightcap Mushroom 2Faction Points 2Weight 1
Nickel 2Faction Points 2Weight 1
Spinal Base 3Faction Points 3Weight 1
Waterweed Filament 2Faction Points 2Weight 1
Zero Systems CPU 5Faction Points 5Weight 1
Rattler Skin 7Faction Points 8Weight 0.9
Strider Flesh 7Faction Points 8Weight 0.9
Medical Supplies 8Faction Points 10Weight 0.8
Optic Glass 3Faction Points 4Weight 0.8
Flawed Veltecite 2Faction Points 3Weight 0.7
Fusion Cartridge Batteries 2Faction Points 3Weight 0.7
Unique Data Drive 10Faction Points 15Weight 0.7
Polymetallic Prefabricate 2Faction Points 3Weight 0.7
Ball Bearings 3Faction Points 5Weight 0.6
Hydraulic Piston 3Faction Points 5Weight 0.6
Salvaged Insulation 3Faction Points 5Weight 0.6
Textiles 3Faction Points 5Weight 0.6
Aluminum Scrap 5Faction Points 10Weight 0.5
Hardened Metals 2Faction Points 4Weight 0.5
Magnetic Field Stabilizer 3Faction Points 6Weight 0.5
Sample Container 5Faction Points 10Weight 0.5
Circuit Board 3Faction Points 7Weight 0.4
Compound Sheets 2Faction Points 5Weight 0.4
Valuable Data Drive 6Faction Points 15Weight 0.4
Magic-GROW Fertilizer 3Faction Points 7Weight 0.4
Metallic Alloys 2Faction Points 5Weight 0.4
Radio Equipment 3Faction Points 7Weight 0.4
Azure Tree Bark 2Faction Points 7Weight 0.3
Copper Wire 2Faction Points 8Weight 0.3
Electronic Cables 2Faction Points 6Weight 0.3
Rare Data Drive 3Faction Points 15Weight 0.2
Uncommon Data Drive 1Faction Points 15Weight 0.1
Common Data Drive 0Faction Points 15Weight 0
ICA Scrip 0Faction Points 0Weight 0
Korolev Scrip 0Faction Points 0Weight 0
Old Currency 0Faction Points 0Weight 0
Osiris Scrip 0Faction Points 0Weight 0

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